On November 24th, 2015, in the Amphiteatre of the Maternity building, a professional meeting entitled “Clinical insight into the targeted therapy for lung cancer and melanoma“ was held. It was organized by the Roche Ltd Sarajevo and the University Clinical Centre of the Republic of Srpska.Lectures were held within continuing medical education, with the aim of applying a multidisciplinary approach to this problem in accordance with the latest guidelines and treatment protocols.

Lectures were attended by a large number of residents, pulmonary specialists, specialists in oncology, dermatovenerology and pathology, surgical specialists, radiotherapists and representatives of academic community.

Moderator of the meeting was General Manager of the UCC RS Professor Mirko Stanetic MD, PhD who held a lecture entitled “Clinical insight into the targeted therapy for lung cancer”. Lectures were also held by Lora Novakovic, MD, MSc, specialist in pneumophtisiology, subspecialist in oncology, Aleksandra Davidovac Kajkut, MD, pulmonary specialist, Mirko Turic, MD, specialist in pneumophtisiology, subspecialist in oncology. Lecturers that represented the Oncology Clinic were Professor Zdenka Gojkovic, MD, PhD, oncology specialist and Radmila Raseta, MD, oncology specialist.

After the lectures, experts discussed these issues and came to the conclusion that there was no universal solution and that each patient should be treated as an individual. According to their words, it is necessary to determine therapy and approach to the patients suffering from these diseases on the basis of diagnostic tests and modern approach to the treatment.