Department of ear, throat, and nose diseases is professional and scientific unit equipped for diagnosis and treatments of patients, who suffer from one of these medical disorders.
Our team of doctors and staff offers all kinds of diagnostic- therapeutic services in the area of otorhinolaryngology for children and adults.
Our expert doctors can perform the latest diagnostic procedures utilizing modern equipment in our specialized units. We are the only clinic in the region who perform examination of hearing of newborn child,endo-video-stroboscopic voice analysis, laser operation of benign and malignant tumors of oro-pharynx and larynx.
Our hospital is well equippped , and as a routine programe we perform the most complicated surgical procedures in the field of otorhinolaryngology and oncologic head and neck surgery such as : cochlear implantation,stapedectomy, surgery of stenosis trachea and vocal prosthesis.


  1. Department of otology, rhinology, child otorhinolaryngology and functional examinations and imlantology
  2. Department of laryngology and brain and neck surgery
  3. Department of policlinical and doctors’ consultation with reception infirmary


20 ORL