Department of Oncology was established in September of 1987. In recent period this department has significantly improved, both in terms of increasing the number of used hemitherapic protocols and adopting new diagnostic methods. Clinic consists of three departments:

  1. Reception-Diagnostic Department with daily hospital
  2. Department of general oncology
  3. Department of Intensive Care

Daily hospital / ambulatory hemiotherapy is located on the first floor of the Medical center Paprikovac building and it works in two shifts from 07.00 a.m. until 18.00 p.m. After examining a patient, daily hospital prepares a patient for hemiotherapy, cytostatics preparation and application. During cytostatics application, patient is under constant medical supervision while vital signs are monitored. In case of complications, cytostatics application is stopped and symptomatic supportive therapy will take place. After completing cytostatics application, appointment for next treatment is scheduled, and in the meanwhile, patient is provided with the instructions and can visit a family doctor in case of health deterioration. The daily hospital also performs necessary diagnostic procedures required for decision making related to the start of therapy. The Department of Oncology, among other things, can determine the stage of disease, undertake risk assessment of metastatic spread, indications and contraindications of chemotherapy / hormonal therapy, prophylaxis of nausea caused by hemiotherapy, hormone therapy planning, planning applications of hematopoietic growth factors, analyze response evaluation to hemiotherapy, monitor patients treated with hemiotherapy, evaluation of indications and contraindications of radiotherapy, response evaluation to radiotherapy, insulation immunosuppresive patients, echosonographic examination of the abdomen, small pelvis and soft tissues, preparation and application of cytostatics, pleural and evakuational abdominal puncture, intravesical application of cytostatics, ultrasound of the breast with collor doplerom and 3D reconstruction, needle puncture of breast under the ultrasound control, core biopsy of breast under ultrasound control, taking samples for cytological analysis, aspirational liver puncture under ultrasound control, medical-pedagogical work with oncology patients and families and managing patients in accordance with health care processes.

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