Service for procurement and market research, as one of the youngest departments in the Clinical Center of Banja Luka, was constituted and began its work on February, 2nd, 2009.

Department for public procurement and research within its jurisdiction, in order to provide more efficient and as economical spending of public funds, shall perform the following tasks:
• Follow and apply the Law on Public Procurement Law and other regulations on public procurement
• Timely purchases of goods, services and works – public procurement procedures carried out in accordance with law and regulations,
• Collaborates with organizational units of the Clinical Center (clinics, institutes and services ) for which procurement is carried out until the completion of the procurement procedure,
• Resolves a complaint filed by the bidder to the decisions in the process of procurement and implement other necessary actions related to the protection of bidders
• Participates in the development of the contract after the procedure of public procurement
• Cooperates with the Agency for Public Procurement,
• Creates reports and information,
• Keeps records of public procurement,
• Maintains documentation on conducted public procurement procedures,
• Track the movement of prices of goods, services and works at the local and regional markets, which are related with the estimated value of investments,
• Performs other duties in the area of public procurement in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other regulations in this area.


The Department for Public Procurement and research is organized into two departments:

1 Department of Public Procurement,
2 Department of Market Research.

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