Department of Neurology deals with diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases.
Clinic of Neurology is consisted of four departments:

  1. Stroke units (Stroke Unit)
  2. Cerebrovascular
  3. General Department and
  4. Neurobiological department.

Unit for stroke (Stroke Unit) performs the treatment of acute stroke in all the postulates of modern diagnostics and treatment of hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes. This is the first unit for stroke, which was formed in Bosnia and Herzegovina (March 31st 2007.). In this unit, thrombolytic therapy is given in the treatment of brain infarction, with the classical treatment of brain infarction. Cerebrovascular Department conducts diagnosis and treatment of all types of strokes. The Department has sonographic cabinet, in which it can be performed the review of head and neck vascular blood vessels using transcranial duplex scanning, and extracranial and intracranial duplex scanning. General Department conducts diagnosis and treatment of neurodemyelinating diseases, uromuscle diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, headaches, polyneuropathy … In general department, there is a daily hospital. Within this department, there are cabinets for electromyoneurography (EMNG), Office of the evoked potentials (visual, auditory and somatosensory), the Office for processing fluid (CSF isoelectric focus). Neurophysiological Department conducts diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, the disease state of consciousness disorders and dementia. This Department has a Cabinet of digital EEG. The disease has a specialized cabinet called the Center for sleeping sickness where polysomnography, video EEG monitoring can be performed. This is the first cabinet of this kind in the Republic of Srpska within the Clinic for neurosurgery and to Cabinet for acupuncture.

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