By the construction of the South Wing of the Central Medical Block, one of the biggest problems of the Clinical Centre Banja Luka i.e. mixing of outpatients and inpatients will be solved. This kind of organization will also increase the number of outpatients and decrease the number of hospital days for inpatients.Construction of the South wing of the CMB will be performed into two phases. Phase I includes Part A and Part B.

Phase I – South I, the first part of the Part A includes sub-basement part and basement part in which the Radiotherapy Centre of 1500 m2 surface area is located. The Radiotherapy Centre was completely constructed and commissioning was performed. It represents the most contemporary centre for treating the patients with radiation therapy in the whole Balkan region and offers patients from the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina a possibility to be treated in their own country. Phase I also includes performing of works at the ground floor in which the Diagnostic Centre of the Institute of Radiology is located. In 2011 the Institute was expanded, commissioning was performed and it was renamed to the Institute of Clinical Radiology. The first floor and other parts of Phase I were performed in the terms of structural engineering, including the finished façade, roof, earthing and installations for lightning protection. Interconnections on all floors with corridors and vertical communications (elevators and staircases) were performed as well as connections with the Central facility.

Phase I- South I, the second part of Part B is a continuation of works of the first part of Phase I which are related to the performing of mechanical, electrical and hydro installations and all finishing works in the construction with the aim of enabling right wing of the south part of the CMB together with central part to function. Construction comprises basement part in which outpatient departments of Internal Medicine Clinic, outpatient departments for burns, Ophthalmology outpatient departments, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Interventional Cardiology with two operating theatres will be located. Maxillofacial Surgery and Dentistry outpatient department, Traumatology and Orthopaedics and entrance area of the South wing will be located on the ground floor. Nephrology and Urology will be located on the first floor. The second part of construction will comprise all other works related to landscaping in front of the South part of the CMB.

Phase II- Part C represents a left part of the South part of the CMB as a structural part. In this part of the facility, in the basement, Nuclear Medicine Diagnostics, Cardiology and Rheumatology will be located. Neurology, Neurosurgery, Endocrinology, Pulmonology, Thoracic Surgery, Gastroenterology, Abdominal surgery and Clinical Centre Management will be located on the ground floor. Biochemical laboratory, Laboratory for urine tests, Immunochemical laboratory, Haematology laboratory, Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology will be located on the first floor.

With regard to the construction activities, the most demanding part is Nuclear Medicine Diagnostics which occupies most of the basement. For the purposes of decontamination of wastewaters, the subbasement area was utilized. Radiation protection was performed on the basis of the Study which was made by the Public Health Institute of the Republic of Srpska- Centre for Radiation Protection.

Disposition of the particular departments was performed in accordance with design documentation which was audited and adopted by the Clinical Centre Banja Luka.
Basic architecture, materials and details should represent continuity with the Project of Phase I of the construction of South Wing. In terms of design documentation, both facilities of Phase I and Phase II with the entrance area should be perceived as a unique documentation.
Phase I- South I – first part was performed in the period ——
Phase I – South I – second part will be performed in the period from ——
Phase II – Part C has been performed as implementation of the Phase III of the Hospital Modernization Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina (in accordance with EDCF Loan Agreement No. BIH-3). The Contract between the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and Samsung C&T Corporation, a leading company of “Samsung C&T – Namhung” Consortium, was signed on December 11th, 2012.
Permit and approval (by CCBL)
• Permit for Preparatory Works: April 8th, 2013
• Main Construction Permit: June 17th, 2013

Duration of the construction
On June 21st, 2013, works related to the construction of the Phase II of the Part C of the South wing commenced. Staking out of the facility contours was performed on the same date as well as the works regarding to the excavation of the foundation pit.On July 1st, 2013, first concrete works commenced and they were finished on October 21st, 2013. After that, works on mechanical, electrical and hydro installations of the interior part have commenced. They are still ongoing as well as interior finishing works.On November 29th, 2013, works related to installation of façade joinery commenced and they were finished on February 15th, 2014. During that period, works regarding the preparation and installation of TRESPA façade panels have commenced and they are still ongoing.Currently there are ongoing works related to the preparation and painting of the interior walls and ceilings, as well as preparatory works for the installation of interior joinery. At the same time, works regarding the installation of electrical and mechanical installations are being performed, as well as assembly of a special equipment intended for the needs of Nuclear Medicine.