Since September 1st, 2009, the Clinic of Traumatology performs its activities as an independent clinic. Activities include urgent surgical management of patients suffering from traumas of osteoarticular system, as well as managing of patients with problems related to spinal column, tumours and bone infections.

There are 36 employees in the Clinic:

10 physicians ( 7 orthopaedic surgery specialists,1 physiatrist and 2 residents),
24 nurses/technicians,
2 physiotherapists,

The Clinic of Traumatology is comprised of:

• Spinal Department with semi-intensive care unit
• General Traumatology

Semi-intensive care unit manages polytraumatized patients, patients that underwent more difficult surgical procedures and patients with common health problems.
Patients are monitored by physicians and nurses/technicians over a 24-hour period.

Spinal Department deals with injuries of spinal column, with or without neurological deficiencies, tumours, deformities, spinal stenosis.

General Traumatology deals with bone fractures which are managed by osteosynthesis and by embedding the implants of eminent and leading international manufacturers.
Non- united fractures- new Ilizarov method as well as knee and shoulder arthroscopy.


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