Department of General and Legal Affairs consists of two departments:

 1. Department of Legal Affairs: conducting all legal business activities within the Clinical Center, representation of the Clinical Center in courts and other bodies authorized by the Head director; performing all tasks related to status changes of the Clinical Center, making all kinds of contracts, drafting by-laws, personal affairs ( establishment and termination of employment, all records relating to employment and qualification structure of employees), work about housing allocation, records and changes in housing of the Clinical Center, serving operations of the Board and other bodies of the Clinical Center.

2. Department of general affairs: Performs social work and occupational safety, stocktaking and copying jobs, jobs of registry, archive operations, jobs of typing, messenger jobs, security of persons and property, its protection from fire, informative reception operations, transferring patients, transfer of movable and immovable patients , transport of workers, transport of food to feed patients, provision of transport management authorities, the provision of transport for consultative examinations and necessary transportation for the Clinic, Office and Service, transport of all kinds of goods, loading and unloading of goods, maintenance of hygiene facilities of administrative part of the Clinical Center, maintenance of hygiene facilities of the object, maintenance and regulation of the ouside part of the hospital and green areas, organization and maintenance of park trees and horticulture in facilities and operations of shaving and hair cutting.

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