Within the Lung Clinic nonspecific lung inflammation and inflammation of the pleura, drainage of pleural hemorrhage and pneumothorax, tuberculoses and other granulomatosis, obstructive pulmonary diseases , pulmonary thromboembolism and malignant diseases of lung and pleura(HT, pleurodese, thermo-cauterization).
Within the Clinic the Physical therapy, Inhalation therapy, Continuous Oxygen therapy and Non-invasive methods of Lung ventilation are performed.
By developing the Lung Clinic become the Referral centre for the treatment of a wide range of pulmonary diseases.
The Clinic is equipped with sophisticated equipment supported by modern informative system that enables the high quality diagnostic and management of pulmonary diseases.

Among other activities, lung radiography and diascopy, ultrasound diagnostic of the peripheral lung shadows, pleural hemorrhage and abdomen, bronchoscopy in local or general anesthesia with taking byoptic and broncholavate specimens, pleura punctuation (blind and ultrasound guided, diagnostic and evacuation), pleuroscopy, trans-thoracicpunctuation , cytological diagnostic, spyrometry , body pletismography, allergy testing at inhalation and nutritive allergens, Blood gas analysis, (arterial blood gas (ABG) analysis with/without load), non-specific bronchoprovocative tests, bronchodilatatory tests, PPD and EKG.

Beside disease management, the Clinic is also scientific base for Pulmonary Medicine Section of the Faculty of Medicine in Banja Luka.
In parallel with lecturing and alongside practical exercises for the students of general and dental medicine, within the Clinic there is specialist traineeship (Internship) in pulmology, internal medicine, general and family medicine, and other similar areas of medicine.
The Clinic consists of three Departments, mutually connected and integrated in one entity, Cabinets for Bronchology, Cytology, Functional diagnostic, Physical therapy, Ultrasound and RTG.

  1. Department of Pulmology with Cabinets, Admission- Polyclinic unit and Daily hospitals,
  2. Department for Tuberculoses and Granulomatosis diseases
  3. Intensive Care Unit

Website: http://www.lungclinic-banjaluka.com/

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