Clinic of General and Abdominal Surgery, formed by a decision of the Clinical Centre in Banja Luka in December, 8th, 1998. Professional and Academic Hospital is the strongest surgical clinic with best equipment. Of the existing structure currently has two professors of Medicine school School, three assistant professors in the Faculty of Medicine, primarius two, three Masters of Medical Sciences, four residents, an internist and two assistants. In the future, this Department has a tendency of further improvement and physician involvement in professional and academic development.

Experts-specialists in the clinic are trained to perform the most complex surgeries in the field of abdominal surgery, due primarily to good education which they acquired in their own home, and eminent surgical stores. Doctors have been active in participating in numerous conferences, symposia and professional meetings in the country and the world, and occasionally go to the target – professional development of surgery in the most prominent surgical facilities in the world.

On the fourth ward of our clinic, we do one day surgery and minimally invasive surgery-only in the Republic of Srpska. We do the gall bladder surgery and hernia surgery. Patients come to the clinic and they are treated preoperatively with values of Anesthesiologists. The same day surgery is done and the patient is discharged home the next day.
Within the clinic there are two operating rooms, two clinics (Clinic for abdominal surgery and endoscopic surgery), the cabinet for ultrasound diagnostics, twochanging rooms, medical rooms. Hospital capacity makes 68 hospital beds.

In the outpatient clinic for abdominal surgery, it can be performed all control examinations after hospitalization in our clinic, changing, extracting thread, as well as general examinations of patients with abdominal problems.
Doctors on duty are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for their patients. To patients who have life threatening are available a specialist in anesthesia and resuscitation. Patients who are received on the surgery and who needs an operation are required to bring with them the proper referral to hospital treatment.

Upon arrival at the surgery, patients should contact the supervising technician receiving outpatient surgery or a doctor with whom he is scheduled an operation. A patient who is received in the hospital should bring with himself:
– ID card
– a certified health card;
– referral to hospital treatment
– the insured of another health fund (Prijedor, Gradiška, Doboj, Bijeljina, Brčko) must bring a certified referral by the competent committee for referral to hospital treatment outside the institution in charge of health insurance fund.
– all previous medical records with X-ray-recordings, and along with the UZ pictures -accessories for personal hygiene, shoes, towels
A patient is required prior to receiving the clinic did preoerative processing which includes:
– X-ray image of the heart and lungs
– Laboratory findings (CBC, Suk, VK, VZ, urea, creatine)
– opinion of internist
– Findings of anesthesiologists

Depending on the health of the patient, in the morning visiting a doctor determines the patient’s diet during lying. Usually it is light food and it is delivered three times a day. Upon discharge from the hospital it is also recommended to eat light food. For insured patients, the cost of services is covered by Health Insurance Fund. At discharge, some patients pay participation. The patient in the health insurance funds from the territory of Republika of Srpska must have a certified health card to go to treatment to another health facility. Unsecured patients for treatment need to pay an advance of 850 BAM, on admission to hospital. The total bill is a list of supplies and services as well as the cost of stay at the Clinic. Account should be paid immediately at the box office of the Clinical Center or payment on account of the Clinical Center. After the preparation of accounts and a discarged letter, a patient can be discharged from the hospital not later than 11am.

Visits to patients on treatment are Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 5 pm and on weekends from 12 am to 1 pm. From visitors are required to adhere to guidelines and rules of conduct clinics (fuss, sitting on the bed, smoking, hygiene, negative impact on the mental condition of the patient, do not use a cell phone, not to move medical devices …). If the visitor is suffering from the flu, he should refrain from visiting. Medical staff, physician, or heads of departments will provide information about the health of the patient. Patient safety is on the high level, and it is expected from visitors not to jeopardize that security.


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