The main part of the work of clinical pharmacy consists of adequate procurement and supply of drugs, medical devices, diagnostic agents, chemicals, pharmaceutical and main compositions of their own production, all Clinic and Institute within the University Hospital Clinical Center.
Their work is based on the most relevant information and knowledge in the field of medicinal products based on evidence and international guidelines relating to the monitoring and rationalization of drug consumption. Pharmacists are actively involved in continuing medical education program. The Institute also serves as a teaching base for the training of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.


1 Logistics:

• Planning needs for drugs and other medical products
• Supply with intensive communication with suppliers and / or manufacturers of safe quality
• receiving and storage of goods in accordance with the principles of DPS (Good Storage Practice)
• financial administration
• Information operations: analysis of consumption, the reporting requirements of the inside and outside of the institution and a range of activities management information on medicines
• Participation in the work of the Drug Commission, as well as the planning and preparation of the list of hospital drugs
• Participation in clinical trials and the development of guidelines

2 Making your own preparations

• Preparation of main and galenical preparations
• Plan envisages the expansion of services to centralize the dissolution of cytostatics, preparation of drops and ointments
• Production and Testing of a sterile solution

3 Information on drugs

• New products, incompatibilities, interactions and side effects of drugs
• counseling patients, as well as monitoring the effects of drugs used

We are continuously working to improve the quality of service, all in order to achieve a better quality of treatment patients.

Basic hospital drug list HIF can be downloaded here

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