The 21st kidney transplant was successfully performed in the University Clinical Centre of the Republic of Srpska.

The first transplant was performed more than four years ago in the UCC RS with the assistance of the Team from the Military Medical Academy Belgrade that was also involved in the education of our personnel. Up to now, all the transplants were performed without any complications.

The 21st kidney transplant was performed on Friday, December 11th, 2015. A transplant patient was B.B. (born in 1978) and a donor was a mother K.B. (born in 1949). A complete preoperative preparation of patients was carried out by our physicians at the Department of Nephrology of the Internal Medicine Clinic. During the preparation of transplantation, video conferencing was used in communication with the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade. It included joint discussion on medical documentation and making the decision on conducting the procedure.

The surgical procedure was performed by the standard Transplant Team of the UCC RS under the supervision of doctors from the Military Medical Academy Belgrade. Accordingly, we confirmed our readiness to stand on an equal footing with the reputable institutions in the region.