Completion of the South Wing of the University Clinical Centre of the Repubic of Srpska represents a turning point in providing medical services to the patients from the entire Republic of Srpska. Total usable surface area of this facility is 18. 000 square metres. After opening of this outpatient part of the UCC RS, for the first time patients who are referred to the UCC RS to undergo specialist examinations will not be mixed with hospital patients.

Besides providing specialised, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, in this facility one-day surgeries will also be performed and therapy and care of patients will be provided through the daily hospital. Apart from the above mentioned, since 2010, radiotherapy services have been provided in the Radiotherapy Centre, established on the basis of PPP and also located in the South Wing.

Advantages of this concept, for which we waited to be implemented since 1980s, are multiple: waiting lists will be reduced, there will be no mixing of inpatients and outpatients which will make functioning easier and improve control of hospital-acquired infections. Also, staff and patients will have state-of-the-art medical equipment and standardized furniture at their disposal. The most important fact for the patients is that it will be possible for them to be provided with diagnostic and outpatient procedures at one place.

Clinics and institutes will be relocated gradually in order for the South Wing to work at its full capacity from February 1st, 2016. Previously, medical staff of the UCC RS underwent necessary education for application of new technologies and introducing of new medical services and procedures.South Wing of the UCC RS is comprised of: the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Thyroid Gland Diseases, the Institute of Laboratory Diagnostics, the Internal Medicine Clinic -specialised outpatient departments, emergency department, the Oncology Clinic – specialised outpatient departments, the Ophthalmology Clinic – specialized outpatient departments, the Clinic of Neurology – specialized outpatient departments, the Clinic of Cardiovascular Diseases – two labs for interventional cardiology, cardiac electrophysiology lab, as well as the ENT Clinic.

 Despite the fact that idea on separating outpatient departments of UCC RS existed at the beginning of construction of UCC RS, unfortunately it was not realized at that time. Therefore, in 2008, the decision on adopting the project programme on reprogramming and redesigning of former Clinical Centre Banja Luka was made. According to the adopted project programme, preliminary design and technological design of the second phase of construction of the Clinical Centre and South Wing as a part of Central Medical Block, implementation started in 2009, by modifying the regulatory plan.Due to the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Srpska, the conclusion on necessity of loan exposure to the Government of the Republic of Korea for implementation of project of construction and equipping of South Wing was reached in 2010. Two years later the Contract Agreement for Phase III of Hospital Modernization Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina was signed. The agreement defined all frameworks and procedures for implementation of the project and very favourable loan provided by the Korea Exim Bank. Total value of the project is approximately $ 30 million.Since the first day, the Government of the Republic of Srpska and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare stood behind the project. Its implementation would not be possible without commitment of the Management and Departments within the UCC RS, as well as without the teams for implementation of the Hospital Modernization Project.

Citizens of the Republic of Srpska will have the greatest benefit from the commissioning of the South Wing which will be the heart of the University Clinical Centre of the Republic of Srpska. It is a facility equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment that will increase quality and standards in providing the healthcare services.