Physicians from the Healthcare Centre Kosovska Mitrovica and the General Hospital Gracanica visited the University Clinical Centre of the Republic of Srpska.

On that occasion, a meeting with General Manager of the UCC RS Professor Mirko Stanetic MD, PhD and his assistants for healthcare and nursing and medical affairs was organized. During the meeting, guests were provided with information on activities of our institution, steps forward, implemented projects and future plans. Bearing in mind the current situation in Kosovo, General Manager of the UCC RS expressed his readiness to provide help to colleagues in Kosovo whenever it was necessary. Representatives of delegation from Kosovo informed Management of the UCC RS on the current situation in hospitals in Kosovo and expressed satisfaction and joy because of the birth rate that remained high on that territory in spite of all real critical circumstances. After the official part of the meeting, guests visited the Paediatric Clinic and the Clinic of Paediatric Surgery and obtained information on activities and the method of work in these clinics. Guests from Kosovo and Management of UCC RS visited the construction site of the North Wing and newly built facility in the South Wing in which outpatient departments and two institutes began to operate. Management of the UCC RS expressed the gratitude for the visit of colleagues from Kosovo and all the participants expressed hope that the cooperation between these institutions would be continued in future.