Cath lab for interventional cardiology with IVUS and cath lab for invasive cardiology- electrophysiology, located in the new facility i.e. Polyclinic of the UCC RS (basement,  -1 level), began to operate.

New space and equipment provided through the implementation of Phase III Hospital Modernization Project in B&H will improve and broaden range of services in the field of interventional cardiology and cardiac electrostimulation. Also, for the first time in history our institution has cath lab for electrophysiology at its disposal. Utilisation of this equipment will contribute to completing the range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in modern cardiology. It will also widen possibilities for providing the services to all citizens of the Republic of Srpska and the region, especially to those suffering from heart rhythm disorder.

Cath lab in the Polyclinic of the UCC RS is equipped according to world standards. Bearing in mind the fact that UCC RS manages majority of patients from the Republic of Srpska and the region, commissioning of these two cath labs will provide these patients with possibilities to undergo more procedures in one place. Cath lab (coronarography) and cath lab for electrophysiology will provide our staff with better working conditions and our patients with better health care. During 2015, approximately 2000 interventions were performed in the cath lab for interventional cardiology, out of which 500 were urgent conditions. Taking into account new conditions that are provided to our doctors and patients, number of interventions will be significantly larger in the future period.