The working meeting in Hospital “St. Luke the Apostle” in Doboj was held. On behalf of the UCC RS, the meeting was attended by Professor Zvezdana Rajkovaca MD, PhD, Professor Dragan Kostic, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor Tamara Kovacevic-Preradovic, MD, PhD and Professor Pedja Kovacevic, MD, PhD. On behalf of Hospital “St. Luke the Apostle”, the participants were: Aleksandar Panic, MD, Predrag Lazic, MD, Simuna Zakula, MD, Rajkica Bambulovic-Petrovic, MD, Simo Antonic, MD and Dobrivoje Zivak, MD.

During the meeting, activities aimed at further advancement in coordination between these two healthcare institutions were discussed. It was concluded that it would be necessary to hold expert meetings between doctors as often as possible and to improve communication in relation to referring the patients. The conclusion was also that Hospital in Doboj should undertake measures with the aim of improving non-invasive cardiology diagnostics. These activities will be carried out in order to improve health care and to provide services as efficiently as possible.