Mr. Obrad Kesic, Head of the Representative Office of the Republic of Srpska in Washington visited the University Clinical Centre of the Republic of Srpska. During his visit to the Department of Intensive Care Medicine, topics discussed were: future cooperation of plastic and reconstructive surgeons with the John Hopkins University, cooperation of orthopaedic specialists with experts from the USA as well as cooperation of the UCC RS with the Serbian American Medical Association (SAMA). Mr. Kesic used his visit to obtain information on the method of functioning of this organizational unit and the UCC RS. He also emphasized that this was an exceptional opportunity for presenting the activities and significance of the UCC RS to medical associations in the USA in order for doctors to make joint efforts and provide assistance to the biggest healthcare institution in the Republic of Srpska. The conclusion is that the Representative Office of the Republic of Srpska can contribute to the strengthening of cooperation between experts from the UCC RS and USA, in spite of the fact that the cooperation between Mayo Clinic and the Department of Intensive Care Medicine of the UCC RS already exists. The aims of this visit are organization of future visits of experts from the USA in order for them to educate our medical staff and further education of our staff in the USA for the purpose of improvement of their medical knowledge and skills.