The working meeting in the General Hospital Prijedor was held.

On behalf of the UCC RS, the meeting was attended by Professor Zvezdana Rajkovaca, MD, PhD, Professor Pedja Kovacevic, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor Branislav Gasic, MD, PhD, Professor Marinko Vucic, MD, PhD. On behalf of the General Hospital Prijedor the participants were: Primarius Mirko Sovilj, MD MSc, director, Primarius Sobodanka Sormaz-Trebovac, MD, PhD, Assistant Director for Medical Affairs, Milovan Stanic, MD, radiology specialist,  Vlado Vujovic, MD, internal medicine specialist – cardiologist, Tihomir Coprka, MD, specialist in general surgery, Biljana Babic, MD, specialist in general surgery, Radenko Indjic, MD, specialist in anaesthesia and reanimation and Rosa Mihic, Head Nurse of the General Hospital Prijedor.

The working meeting was aimed at achieving efficient cooperation between these two institutions regarding transfer of patients from one institution to another. It was concluded that it was necessary to hold expert meetings between doctors as often as possible and to improve communication in relation to referral of patients. Unnecessary repeating of diagnostic procedures during transfer of patients was also discussed. It was emphasized that problem regarding small capacities of the Department of Intensive Care Medicine of the UCC RS should be taken into account during transfers the patients.

It was suggested that several younger physicians from the General Hospital Prijedor should undergo educational trainings in the UCC RS regarding management of urgent cases and endangered patients and their transport. One of the conclusions was that it was necessary to organize communication network in the entire Republic of Srpska in order to set up a unique clinical path for management of endangered patients for all healthcare institutions in the Republic of Srpska. A problem in relation to referring the patients outside the Republic of Srpska was also detected. It was emphasized that it would be beneficial if competent institutions undertook certain activities to solve this problem. The most practical solution would be to have a contact person that would be in charge for contacting the medical staff of the Clinical Centre Serbia.