On October 14th, 2016, the fifth press conference dedicated to colorectal cancer was held. The press conference was aimed at raising the awareness of colorectal cancer, presenting the treatment modalities in the University Clinical Centre of the Republic of Srpska, drawing the attention to prevention and importance of detection at early stages especially because of the fact that early detection of colorectal cancer increases chances of a cure up to 95%.

Speakers were Assistant General Manager for Medical Affairs Slobodan Hajder, MD,  Gordana Jovicic, MD, specialist in gastroenterology, Sasa Jungic, MD, specialist in oncology, Ozren Kordic, MD, specialist in general and abdominal surgery and Head of the Service of Operating Theatres with Sterilization and Goran Marosevic, MD, PhD, specialist in radiation oncology from Affidea International Medical Centre.

It is estimated that on an annual basis every 3,5 minutes one person is diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

Eliminating or reducing the level of exposure to the controllable colorectal cancer risk factors (inadequate diet, overweight and obesity, smoking, heavy drinking and etc.) and early-stage colorectal cancer detection can lead not only to a decrease in number of patients suffering from colorectal cancer and improvement of quality of life of those who suffer from this disease, but also to the efficient, more simple and less expensive treatment. That’s why prevention is of utmost importance. Treatment of colorectal cancer in the late stage is minimally four times more expensive than early-stage colorectal cancer treatment.